Updated: Oct 2017
Published: Apr 2006

Orroral Valley to Rendezvous Creek

Note: indicated routes and locations are approximate.Use official topographic maps for navigation

This walk started at Orroral Valley in Namadgi National Park, just south of Canberra. We walked up to Nursery Swamp, turned right, and made our way up and over a saddle to Rendezvous Creek.

From memory I think this was a three day walk. I think the first campsite was somewhere in the first off-track section near Nursery Swamp, and the second may have been near Glendale.

Note that there are two off-track sections, so you will need good bush navigation skills. Be prepared to make your own way in these areas, as conditions may have changed, and my memory of those routes may be wrong.

There is a fair bit of walking beside Boboyan Road too, which is admittedly not that great, and then another bit of road walking back to the Nursery Swamp carpark. You could probably make this an overnight walk by leaving a second vehicle at the junction of Rendezvous Creek and Boboyan Road.

Rendezvous Creek

Here we see Trevor saluting the occupants of a cleverly disguised alien spacecraft near Rendezvous Creek.

Rendezvous Creek

Much of Namadgi was burnt in the 2003 bushfires, but a surprising amount of the Rendezvous Creek area seems to have been unaffected. The kangaroos are certainly back in good numbers, and most clumps of trees in the valley had a mob making use of the shade on this morning.

Rendezvous Creek

The hills seem to have born the brunt of the 2003 fires, and the newly exposed granite gives them a look reminiscent of a Greek island.

Rendezvous Creek

Looking towards the Boboyan Road near the end of Rendezvous Creek.

Gudgenby River

The grey-green foliage here belongs to young wattle trees (acacias) that have sprung up since the fires. They will probably look quite spectacular when they're in flower.