Published: Jul 2004


Angkor ruins #1

The ruined temples of Angkor in the middle of Cambodia are probably the most famous attractions in the country. Built between the years 802 and 1432 by the then ruling Khmer empire, each temple has weathered the forces of nature in different ways. This one, like many others, is being pulled apart by trees.

Everything falls apart

Putting a temple back together again.

Angkor ruins #7

Weed the garden now, or this could happen to you.

Angkor Wat
There are dozens of temples in the Angkor region, spread over more than 100 square kilometres, but the largest and probably the most impressive is Angkor Wat. This is a view of the central section through a doorway in the innermost wall.
Dragonfly at Angkor

There were a bunch of these bright red dragonflies hovering around this pond at Angkor.

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Hard sell

In Cambodia, if you can't get to your email, spam can be delivered in person.

Flat tyre

Our moto got a flat on the way back from Angkor one day. Ian looks on and offers a helping hand.

Planting rice

Farmers planting rice between Angkor and Siem Reap.

Phnom Krom

This is the floating village near Siem Reap, which moves as Tomle Sap, the big lake in the middle of Cambodia, rises and falls with the seasons. The boat to Phnom Penh docks here.

Daily life at Phnom Krom #1
Daily life at Phnom Krom #2
Tug boat

This little boat struggled to tow our river boat out into the lake.

Phnom Penh markets
Church at Bokor

Bokor is a ruined French colonial town on a hilltop in the south of Cambodia. Its a very strange and eerie place. It takes hours of slow climbing in a 4WD to get up there from the coast, and the place is often fogged in like this. The main public buildings are still standing, but the interiors are smashed to bits.

Bokor casino #1

The casino is the biggest and creepiest building.

Bokor casino #2
Casino stairwell
Outside the casino

In the kitchen at the accommodation at Bokor.

Dinner at Bokor
After dinner at Bokor