Published: Apr 2006


Kayaking on Durras Lake

Durras Lake is a tranquil coastal lake in the middle of Murramarang National Park on the south coast of New South Wales. Here we see Sue and Trevor poking around near the shore.


These cycads (Macrozamia communis) are really common around the lake, and in many other parts of the south coast too. This was the first time I'd seen them fruiting though.

Burrawang fruit

A closer look at the Burrawang seed cone.


The forest on the shore of Durras Lake.

Near the campsite

A view of the lake from a spot near our campsite.

A view from the campsite

We camped under some casuarinas on a little peninsula. That evening we took the boats out on the lake. Being a moonless night, the phosphorescent plankton showered every paddle stroke with zillions of little sparks and in some places they even turned the tiny bow waves of the kayaks into glowing streamers.

From the boat

Paddler's-eye view.

Shapes in the sand