Published: Jan 2022

Want an image? Get in touch!

If you would like to get a print or use one of my images on your website or in a publication, send me an email and I'll get back to you.

Let me know…

  • The URL of the page that the image is on. If there are several images on a page, hovering or tapping on an image caption should show a link icon (🔗) — click on that link to scroll to the image.

    Copy the web address from your browser's location bar and paste that into the email somewhere. The URL will look like…something or…something#something

  • The intended use. For example, on a website, printed promotional material, or a print to hang on a wall. For  a publication, please let me know the size of the print run.
  • The required width and height. For prints specify this in millimetres (or pixels if you know the pixel density of your printer). For a website, specify this in pixels.

I can supply either an image file, or I can arrange to have it printed by a reputable printer and posted to you.

All images are copyright David Houlder unless otherwise noted, and are offered under a non-exclusive limited license.