About this site

This site is primarily a showcase for my photography, but also includes pages about bushwalking and cycle touring.

It's managed and delivered  by a bespoke content management system that I wrote. You can read more about it here.

On this site you will find…

  • Galleries. These contain images. A gallery displays as a grid of clickable thumbnail images. Clicking (or, on a  phone or tablet,  tapping) on a thumbnail opens the image. From the open image you can navigate between images by swiping left and right, or by using the left and right navigation buttons.
  • Articles. These contain text and (usually), several images.

The image sizes will adapt to the width and height of your screen or window. On a mobile device this means that images in landscape orientation are probably best viewed with your device in landscape orientation too. On a desktop monitor or laptop, make the window large to see the largest version of an image.

Images are loaded into your browser  progressively as you page through a gallery or scroll through an article. If your Internet connection is slow you may see an hourglass symbol while an image is being loaded.

I aim to make the site compatible with the currently supported versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge on both desktop and mobile platforms. If you think the site is behaving badly in your browser, please get in touch.