Updated: Jan 2012
Published: Dec 2011

Tathra and Mimosa Rocks

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Tathra sits at the southern end of Mimosa Rocks National Park. Over the Christmas week in 2011 some friends and I rented a house at Mogareeka - essentially north Tathra. The house butted up against the park boundary, and a short walking track led to some nice little spots around Moon Bay.

Approaching storm front
Seen from the verandah of the house.
Nelson Beach
The view from Wajurda Point
Moon Bay Driftwood 2
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Spotted Gum forest
Late afternoon on the track to Moon Bay
Spotted Gum
Corymbia maculata (formerly Eucalyptus maculata), Colloquially known as Spotted Gum, these trees are common in sandy areas along the south coast. They shed their bark in this distinctive patchy way.
Mogareeka inlet
Another view from the house, looking east around sunrise.
Looking down on a rocky bay, cliffs and the ocean at sunrise
This image and the other black-and-white ones that follow are from previous trips I've made to Mimosa Rocks, just north of Tathra.

Mimosa Rocks National Park is on the south coast of New South Wales, and consists of a series of little bays, beaches, headlands and interesting rock formations. It's named after the Mimosa which was shipwrecked there in 1863.

An ocean bay with a headland and a shore of rounded rocks in the foreground

Very late in the afternoon and a very long exposure - 3 minutes if I remember correctly. I think these are the actual Mimosa Rocks after which the park is named.

An angular rock formation protruding from a rock shelf with the ocean behind