Updated: Dec 2006
Published: Apr 2006

Bradley's Hut to Mount Jagungal

Note: indicated routes and locations are approximate.Use official topographic maps for navigation
Bradley's Hut chimney

The Jagungal walk started near Round Mountain on the Cabramurra - Khancoban road. Also on that road is Bradley's hut, which is where we camped on the first night.

Camping at Bradley's Hut

While the hut would be a godsend in an emergency, it's better to just use it as a convenient windbreak and pitch tents on the lee side. This turned out to be the coldest night of the walk - in order to pack up my tent (on the left) I had to defrost its west side first.

Walking to Jagungal

The Jagungal area was burnt in 2003, and a lot of the tress (mainly snowgums) now consist of a tangle of dead branches and a flourish of new growth from the base.

Afternoon in the valley

There's a great campsite on a ridge just east of Derschko's Hut. This view is from a spot a few metres from the campsite.

Last light on Jagungal #1

Looking east from the campsite in the late afternoon.

Last light on Jagungal #2

Another view of the setting sun's light on Mount Jagungal.

Last light on Jagungal #3

The very last rays on Mount Jagungal.

Up the mountain

Sue and Trevor on the way to the start of the walk up Jagungal. The ascent involves following a track up to the ridge on the south of the mountain, and then following the ridge up to the top.

Snowgum 1

The elegantly twisted dead branches of a snowgum (Eucalyptus pauciflora), recovering after the 2003 fire. You can see the new growth sprouting from the base.

Snowgum 2

An unscathed and hardy snowgum on the Jagungal ridge. The conditions here are pretty tough - the tree-line is only a few metres higher.

Standing stones

Granite boulders near Derschko's Hut.