Published: Apr 2010

Kosciuszko and Thredbo

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The main range of Kosciuszko National Park is a quite accessible and very picturesque part of the park. In winter it's covered in snow and in late spring and early summer it's covered in wildflowers. The weather is notoriously fickle - a clear summer's day can turn freezing and wet in half an hour or less.

Looking towards The Sentinel

Somewhere behind the clouds is The Sentinel, a rocky peak on the western side of the main range.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel appears briefly through the clouds.

Alpine stream

A cascading stream on the western side of the main range.

Alpine stream

A little further up the stream.

Alpine sunrays

The Australian Alps turn on an excellent wildflower show in summer. This field of Alpine Sunrays, snapped in late January, is just a kilometre or so from the top of the main Thredbo chairlift.

More Alpine sunrays

A closer view of those Alpine Sunrays

Black Sallee

There's a great little walk from Thredbo Diggings to Bullocks Flat that winds its way through the forest along the Thredbo River. In spring or early summer it's awash with wildflowers, but these Black Sallees (Eucalyptus stellulata) look great at any time of year.