Published: Jun 2005

Northern Rivers

The route

We started in Tweed Heads and it took us 5 days to ride to Woolgoolga, probably averaging about 80 or 90 km per day. For most of the trip we were able to take little-used back roads. If you're thinking of doing this ride, avoid the highway, especially the single-carriageway parts.

Trevor and Bob

... Bob the trailer, that is. This is the kitchen area at the slightly feral macadamia plantation near Murwillumbah where we camped on the first night.

Lookout near Murwillumbah

Late morning on day two. From left to right we see Sue (chief ride planner), Bob (the other Bob - not the trailer), and Trevor (just the one). It's really hilly around here, so be prepared to travel a fair bit slower than average. It's very picturesque though.

Leaving the lookout

Trevor, Moulton and Bob-trailer in action.

Day three

Somewhere south of Alstonville. Still very pretty, but getting less hilly.

Field of beans

Not far from Coraki. Looks like they grow 3 things around here - sugarcane, soy beans (pictured) and tea tree (for oil, just up the road).

Forest Glen Organic Farm

Sort of in the middle of nowhere (between Coraki and Whiporie), but a great spot to camp. See the  Forest Glen Organic Farm website for details.

To Woolgoolga

The final stretch - across the range between Glenreagh and Woolgoolga.