Updated: May 2007
Published: Apr 2007

Alpine loop

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It doesn't look like a big trip on this map, but it's a pretty solid 8 day trip by bicycle. Most days were fairly hilly, and the bit from Three Mile Dam near Kiandra to Tumbarumba involves a big descent and subsequent climb.

Corin dam road

On the way to Woods Reserve on the first day out of Canberra. Here we see Doug and Silke, my companions for this trip.

Smokers Trail gate

The start of the Namadgi National Park leg of the trip.

Smokers Trail

The bottom of Smokers Trail where it crosses the Orroral River - really just a creek at this point.

Orroral River

As I said, really just a creek here.

To the Cotter

Heading towards the Cotter River.

Cotter River

The headwaters of the Cotter River.

Cotter fire trail

Cotter fire trail near the southern end of Namadgi.

Creek crossing

Crossing a creek on the Cotter fire trail.

Noonameena hut

Noonameena hut on the NSW/ACT border.

Yaouk 1

Here we are at Yaouk (pronounced Yie-ack as far as I know). The further south we go the greener it gets.

Old Yaouk

Yaouk seems to specialise in recycling old appliances as road signs. The next farm along uses an old fridge for their sign.

Yaouk still

The flat bit of Yaouk.

From Yaouk to Adaminaby
Near Adaminaby

In case you didn't know, you can go trout fishing near Adaminaby.

Large scale fish
Near Kiandra 1

On the highway near Kiandra is a stand of tall, dead trees, presumably killed in the 2003 fires. You can see their offspring sprouting in the foreground.

Near Kiandra 2

Another view of the burnt trees near Kiandra.


A great spot for lunch beside the highway at Kiandra.

Three Mile Dam

The sunrise from my tent at Three Mile Dam.


Orchards near Batlow.

To Tumut

On the highway to Tumut.


A strange rest area beside the road from Tumut to Wee Jasper.

Burnt pines

A burnt pine plantation on the road to Wee Jasper. I presume these were burnt in 2003 around the same time as the trees near Kiandra.

Lunch spot

Leaves floating on the water at our lunch spot on the way to Wee Jasper.

Near Wee Jasper

The final descent to the Wee Jasper camping area.

Leaving Wee Jasper

Heading back to Canberra from Wee Jasper. Lots of smoke haze, hopefully due to hazard reduction burns.


A marked contrast to the green paddocks around Adaminaby, and it's just a bit over 100km further north.