Published: Mar 2008

Royal National Park coast walk

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This walk is often done as a two day walk, but we split it over three days to give us plenty of time for hanging around at the many nice places on the track. We started at Bundeena, just south of Sydney and walked south to Otford. You'll need camping permits (see the official park web page for details.

Clifftop near Bundeena

Looking south on the coast track shortly after leaving Bundeena.

Rock, not ice-cream

Gary checks for slabs of chocolate that may have fallen into the sea.

Yes, it's rock and you can't eat it
View of Little Marley

Looking back to Little Marley on day one.

Weathered sandstone

A rock formation a bit further along the coast track on day one.

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Weathered sandstone
Heath flower

A closeup of some of the heath in bloom.

Overhanging rocks

Some rock formations early on day two.

View of Curracurrang

A little later on day two.

View of Curracurrong waterfall

Curra Brook meets the sea here.

Lunch break

We found a shady spot by Curracurrong Creek for lunch.

Eagle rock

Curracurrong Creek falls into the sea just south of Eagle Rock.

Garie Beach

Garie Beach from the coast track on day two.

North Era Beach

The second campsite is just behind this very nice little beach. You can see some of the shacks which were built in the first half of the twentieth century on the headland.

Walking out on day three

On the coast track near Burning Palms heading up to Otford.

Forest stream

A rainforest gully in the climb up to Otford.

Peeling bark

Beside the track on the climb to Otford.

Parked hang glider

Just south of Otford is Stanwell Tops, a very popular spot for hang gliding.

Hang gliders

Hang gliders at Stanwell Tops.