Updated: Aug 2021
Published: May 2008

Mount Ginini to Mount Gingera

Note: indicated routes and locations are approximate.Use official topographic maps for navigation

On the western edge of Namadgi National Park there's a pleasant day walk from the Mount Ginini carpark to Mount Gingera and back (14km round trip). Most of the walk is on a slightly undulating fire trail, but the final part of the walk up to Mount Gingera is on a steeper walking track that branches off the fire trail to the west. Overall, it's a pretty easy walk, but remember to take clothes for any kind of weather in the warmer months — a storm could easily plunge the temperature towards freezing.

Along the way you'll pass the turnoff to Stockyard Spur, which descends steeply to Corin Dam, and Pryors Hut. The Stockyard Spur walk can also be done in a day, but it's a lot tougher.

The photos below were taken on several trips between 2008 and 2021.

Leaving Mt Ginini

From the Mt Ginini carpark the track heads gently downhill for maybe two kilometres to Stockyard Gap. This photo was taken in February 2021, after the 2019-2020 fires. This section of the park didn't burn as extensively as the areas to the east, and some parts were completely unscathed.

Stockyard Spur turnoff

At Stockyard Gap you'll see the Stockyard Spur track branching off to the east. Make sure to stay on the main Mt Franklin fire trail at this point (on the right in this photo), unless you have the time and inclination to explore the upper section of the Stockyard Spur track.

Note that the Stockyard Spur track heads all the way down to Corin Dam and gets steeper the further you go.

Snowgum on Stockyard Spur

Taken in August 2020. This was the winter just after the 2019-2020 bushfires. Some fire damage was evident, but it looked like most of the trees had survived.

Looking south-east from Stockyard Spur
Alpine wildflowers

I think these are Xerochrysum bracteatum (formerly Helichrysum Bracteatum), also known as Golden Everlasting Daisies. These were flowering in May 2008.

This image also appears in Nature
Smiling branch
This image also appears in Nature
Near the top of Mount Gingera
This image also appears in Nature
Looking south-west from Mt Gingera
View from the eastern slope of Mount Gingera

Looking back towards the Cotter River and Corin Dam.

More Everlasting Daisies

Xerochrysum bracteatum again, this time in February 2021, seen beside the track on the way back to Mt Ginini.

Wahlenbergia gloriosa
Returning to the Mt Ginini carpark