Corang Walk

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Note: indicated routes are approximate. Use official topographic maps for navigation.

This is a fairly relaxed three day walk from the Wog-Wog entrance of Morton National Park. Some of the track involves pushing through spiky Hakea and Banksia scrub, and parts of the track are a bit wet underfoot.

The first day consists of walking in to the Canowrie Brook campsite, passing Corang Peak and Corang Arch along the way. This is a pretty well defined track. The second day involves walking to the Corang River campsite by following Canowrie Brook on its western bank until it meets Corang River, then following the river downstream on its southern bank. There's a track all the way, but parts of it are just defined by rock cairns, and sometimes the track is quite high above the river.

Note: The map above is just a rough guide. The marked locations and route may be highly inaccurate. If you want to do this walk, get hold of the proper topographic maps and use them to plan your walk in conjunction with a reputable guide book.

Corang River rapids
Corang River campsite
Rapids near the campsite