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Leaving Ellery Creek

Leaving Ellery Creek

In August 2010 David Singleton (pictured in many of the following photos) and I walked the eastern half from Ellery Creek to Alice Springs. The region had seen abnormally high rainfall in the preceding months which made for an abundance of bird life and flowering plants.

This image is from the morning of day one, just a few hundred metres from the Ellery Creek carpark. We paid one of the tourism operators in Alice Springs to get us here and drop off our food-drop at Standley Chasm.

A few points to note:

  • By walking from west to east you avoid having to organise transport for the end of the walk, as you walk right back into Alice Springs. However...
  • The last day of the trip is the least interesting, and I don't think you'd miss much by stopping at Simpson's Gap.
  • Standley Chasm has a kiosk and (in 2010 at least) you can put in a food drop there for a few dollars. The campground there was small, sloped and close to the diesel-powered generator, so we decided to camp a little further along the track.