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Rocks at Blanket Bay
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Rocks at Blanket Bay

I've been thinking lately that I should try to do more black-and-white photography - when I look at other people's work, it's almost always the black-and-white stuff that I find most engaging. The trouble is, with a digital camera in hand, it's all too easy to forget to put your "black-and-white eyes" on, so there's a tendency to shoot everything with the intent of retaining the colour.

As I was setting up for this shot, it occurred to me that the experience was quite reminiscent of working with my large-format Tachihara field camera, on which I've shot almost exclusively black-and-white film: I had a camera on a tripod, I was using a wide angle lens with tilt and shift movements (which are de rigueur for large-format), exposing manually, and focusing manually while looking at a magnified view on the live-view screen on my DSLR camera.

At the time I wasn't sure whether it would end up being a colour or a black-and-white shot, When I got home and started processing the camera raw file, I left it as colour, but a few days later I started experimenting with a black-and-white version. In the end I much preferred the black-and-white version.

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