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Probably not the way
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Probably not the way

Here's Glen returning from our reconnoiter up one of the gullies between Mount Cole and Donjon. Maybe this was the right way after all, but it sure didn't look appealing at the time.

2017 update: this is the way

In 2017 I did a walk in the opposite direction, starting at Cooyoyo Creek and walking back through Monolith Valley to the headwaters of the Corang River. The track from the base of Mt Cole into Monolith Valley is marked with a conspicuous arrow - or at least it is now.
The sign looks pretty new, so I'm going to assert that it wasn't there in 2009. There are some substantial markings in the bark of the tree, which look like they've been there much longer, but I guess we missed them in 2009. So, be on the lookout for this tree as you're walking around the base of Mt Cole
And in case you needed more reassurance, a little further towards Monolith Valley there's this comforting sign.