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Tony  Walls of Jerusalem National Park
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Walls of Jerusalem National Park

In late 1991 I went on my first serious cycle tour - a loop of Tasmania. Tony (pictured) and I flew into Launceston with our bikes and started heading south to the central plateau area, with the plan of doing a few walks here and there. The Walls of Jerusalem National Park looked pretty interesting on the map, with lots of little tarns and lakes scattered about the place, and starting from a campsite beside Lake Rowallan there seemed to be a reasonable looking track heading into it.

And it was quite a good day walk, with spectacular mountain scenery, some typically bracing Tasmanian Spring weather, and a dusting of snow on the ground as I recall. Our topo map was sprinkled with names like "Herods Gate" and "Lake Salome", which seemed like suitably dramatic choices to me on the day.


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