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These images are from a trip to The Pilbara in mid 2011. This area in north-west Australia has some of the best scenery in the country, and parts of Karijini National Park are truly spectacular. Rob Gray, Glen Turvey and myself planned this trip as a photographically-oriented walking trip on our previous Budawangs walk in 2009. Glen's mate Paul Hoelen completed the party.

The base camp

The base camp

We ended up base-camping near Juna Downs (see map above), with Rob and Chris' luxurious home-brew, go-anywhere mobile home providing a cozy social hub in the evenings. After a day of catching up and planning, we headed off to Karijini for a few day trips into Hancock, Weano and Joffre Gorges.

After that, the weather closed in for a few days - the kind of howling wind, rain and scudding clouds that I usually associate with Tasmania. We spent a surprsingly fruitful afternoon, photographically speaking, on a trip to Wittenoom, an abandoned asbestos-mining townsite.

We finally got some good weather,and headed off on a 5-day walk from Dales Gorge in the eastern part of Karijini to Fig-Tree crossing on the highway a few kilometres south of our base camp. I've posted details of that walk and photos in the "Walks" section